Community Bible Institute & Seminary Brevard Inc. - Be Assured!  Be Committed!  Be a Servant to All!
Community Bible Institute and Seminary Brevard is dedicated to preparing both adults and youths to hear God's voice and to bear the message of reconciliation where the light is dim and His power is not known to the utmost bounds of the earth.  The events of the world are changing at such a rapid pace, that there is an increased demand for committed Christian leaders to provide clear communication of the Word of God.
We thank God for the tremendous opportunity and responsibility of providing quality Christian education for everyone, everywhere by empowering their walk with God.  Community Bible Institute & Seminary Brevard is committed to an enriching program that is academically and spiritually challenging.

Many classes are taught on site but most of our students have embraced the teleconference teaching method because it supports the work/life balance that so many seek.  The opportunity to access your theological curriculum from any location is truly a blessing.

It is never too late to begin your journey. Join us and be part of this Kingdom Walk!
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